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Free Whitening for life!

Available to New AND Existing Patients!


What You'll Receive

Eligible patients will receive two custom fitted whitening trays. Top and bottom trays, custom-fitted to your teeth
Eligible patients will receive 8 tubes of whitening gel. 8 tubes of professional whitening gel, and one tube of whitening toothpaste
Eligible patients will receive two tubes of whitening gel at each recare appointment. 2 replacement tubes of professional whitening gel at each re-care appointment

Gentech Dentist is offering free whitening for life!


The Whitening for Life program is available to new and existing patients over the age of 18, with accounts in good standing.

To qualify, you must first receive an exam to determine if your teeth are healthy enough for professional whitening. You then must complete any recommended dental care, including completing 2-3 cleanings per year.

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Offer subject to eligibility