How do you make dental care less scary?

We’re not sure exactly what made dental care scary to so many people in the first place. Probably it was lack of proper pain killers, lack of proper equipment, and lack of empathy. But let’s look around for a minute. It’s 2014. We have proper pain killers, proper equipment and at Gentech Dentist – we have plenty of proper empathy! So whoever started it, we’re stopping it (as my mother used to say)! In order to tell you how we make dental care relaxing and gentle, let’s quote a few patients:

I have been to several dentists in my lifetime (I am 71) and Gentech is like family. “Do you need a blanket, something to listen to, are you OK, has your medicine changed?” That’s just getting in the door. “Let’s go over how you floss. Are you having any problems? Let’s check. This looks good! The dentist would like to see you, just to see how you are doing.” Guess what? Thanks to Gentech, I still have my teeth. Is Gentech the best dentist? Close to perfect is the answer. I was afraid of the dentist, not anymore – we do it together.
– Sharon, Vancouver, WA
February 2014

As a patient for 7 years of Dr. Christiansen, I have had nothing but the most professional treatments and caring service. Every treatment is carefully described to me and I feel part of the process. In my forty six years I have had many dentists and doctors. If I could have only one this is the group I would keep for life!
– Wayne, Aloha, OR
October 2013

I was in excruciating pain when I walked in on a Wednesday, and while unfortunately Dr. Christiansen was booked up that day, he sent me home with an Rx to make it through the night and he was able to get me in the chair the next morning. I had a root canal – went in scared out of my mind – and walked out happy and pain free. I’d say it was one of the smoothest dental experiences I’ve had.
– Tyler, Portland, OR
January 2013

I came to Gentech to correct some poor dental work done by a previous dentist. I had a very poorly done crown by another dentist which had caused so many problems. Everyone at Gentech bent over backwards to help me get everything corrected. They were extremely kind and patient (I had a lot of anxiety due to my previous experience) and always made me feel comfortable. Dr. A. always calls me the day after I’m in there to check in with me which is a small touch but really makes a difference. I am so glad I came here and will continue to as long as I’m in the area. I really can’t say enough about them.
– Sarah, Milwaukie, OR
January 2014

We thank these patients for writing their comments because without them, we wouldn’t have a way to share their feelings with you, and for people who have fear, it’s really all about feelings. We want you to be feeling comfortable about being in our offices, and feeling secure that we really care about you because we want you to be feeling great about your smile!

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