Sleep or Snooze Dentistry

Reasons why you might want to consider Sleep Dentistry include: intense fear of dental treatment, previous traumas, complex dental problems requiring surgery, complicated wisdom teeth extraction, extremely sensitive teeth, or severe gag reflex. Our Clackamas, OR and East Vancouver, WA dentist offices both offer sleep dentistry from Dr. Darius Arlauskas.

During Sleep Dentistry, the doctor administers sedative drugs through an IV, a process known as Intravenous Conscious Sedation (sometimes referred to as IV Sedation or Conscious Sedation). This is sometimes combined with nitrous oxide to help relax a patient that is anxious. The IV Sedation drugs work rapidly to create a relaxed state. This state is maintained and monitored throughout your treatment. You are still able to communicate back and forth with the doctor if necessary, but the sedation has an amnesic effect, so you may not remember your visit after it is over.

This technique is excellent for patients that have mild to moderate anxiety or fear of dental procedures. This technique is also advisable for adult patients who require a great deal of dental treatment and wish to have more treatment completed in fewer visits. Patients treated with conscious sedation usually have little to no memory of the dental procedure being performed. This is a prime reason why many patients choose Sleep Dentistry.

Dr. Darius Arlauskas performs sleep dentistry at two of our six dentist offices: East Vancouver – Vancouver, WA, and Clackamas, OR.

Oral Sedation Dentistry

Another option for the anxious or fearful patinet is Oral Sedation. Oral sedation utilizes nitrous oxide (laughing gas) and/or oral medications to create a state of conscious sedation. This state produces relaxation and at times unawareness, and is advantageous for patients who have mild anxiety or fear of dental treatment. This technique may be used for children and adults depending upon the behavior of the child and level of anxiety of the adult patient.

Oral sedation dentistry is performed by our general dentists and specialists at all six of our dentist offices.