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Restorative Services

Restorative dentistry refers to procedures that restore your mouth to optimal oral health. While your eyes might be the window to your body’s soul, your mouth is the window to your body’s health. Gentech Dentist believes in creating optimal oral health for each patient, restoring and enhancing your mouth, teeth and gums to eradicate oral diseases and restore your beautiful smile.


When acids and bacteria cause dental caries (cavities) it is necessary to treat the tooth in order to stop the spread of infection and potential loss of the tooth. A filling is when existing bacteria and decay is removed from the tooth and the area is filled with a composite material. Gentech Dentist does not use any amalgam in their offices, so your fillings are always mercury-free, tooth-colored composite fillings. Our offices also feature no-needle, no-drill, air-abrasion fillings for completely painless restoration.


When the ongoing health of a tooth is threatened, such as by a very large cavity, there are times when a crown is placed to restore the full look and function of the tooth. (Crowns are sometimes referred to as “caps”.) Once the area is ready for a crown, an impression is taken so the lab can custom-make your crown. Crowns can be made from gold or other metals, porcelain, zirconia, or a combination of these materials. Gentech Dentist uses only well-respected and professional dental labs in our own area, for optimal turn-around time, local service and your ultimate satisfaction. When the crown is prepared, it is cemented into place with dental cement for a permanent adhesion. More information about implant crowns.


Dental bridges are similar to a crown, with the exception that they are placed when one tooth has lost complete functionality. The decayed tooth is removed and the bridge (a false tooth, called a pontic) gaps the space between the two healthy teeth on either side of the gap. Bridges can be made from gold or other metals, porcelain, zirconia or a combination of materials. Gentech Dentist only uses well-respected and professional dental labs in our own area, for optimal turn-around time, local service and your ultimate satisfaction.


Depending on damage to the tooth, your dentist might recommend an inlay or onlay. An inlay or onlay is often used when restoration is more extensive than a filling but it is possible to preserve enough healthy tooth material to avoid a full crown. The procedure for placing the inlay or onlay is very similar to that of a crown, where the decayed portion of tooth is removed, an impression is taken and the lab creates the custom inlay or onlay for your specific tooth. This inlay or onlay is then attached to your tooth with dental cement, restoring the look and functionality of the tooth.


A dental implant is a device specially designed to be the replacement for a missing tooth with a very natural look and feel. More information about dental implants.

Dentures & Partials

Dentures and partials are replacements for missing teeth and can be partial, full, removable or fixed. More information about dentures and partials.

Scaling and Root Planing

In cases where gum disease is present, scaling and root planing is an effective way to treat gum disease before it becomes severe. During this procedure, your hygienist will remove plaque, calculus and stain from the crown down to the root surfaces of your teeth. Scaling and root planing, when combined with proper home care, should stop the progression of gum disease. More information regarding periodontal specialties.

Does the thought of restorative dentistry leave you scared silly? You’re not alone – dentistry is frightening to many people. If you feel frightened, read our FAQs regarding dental fears and how to alleviate them.

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