Will my dentist be gentle?

It’s always amazing to hear this question from potential patients. At Gentech Dentist, we pride ourselves on always providing gentle care, regardless of which of our dentists or hygienists you see, and regardless of what type of dental treatment you require. We’re so accustomed to our way of practicing dentistry, that we’re surprised to even hear the question.

So, in answer to the question, “Will my dentist be gentle?” Let us reply: “Yes!”

In addition, our ‘It’s All About You’ philosophy means that we find out what your dental likes and dislikes are before we get started. Call any of our six dental offices in the Portland/Vancouver area to find out more about our “It’s All About You” philosophy and our Special Request service. Still concerned? Read our article “How do you make dental care less scary?”

Talk to us; let us know what you would like. We’re listening.