Have you ever wondered why you need a filling? Here’s the likely scenario that occurred prior to the cavity:

Bacteria are constantly present in the human mouth, as they are elsewhere in the human body. Within the mouth, bacteria combine with food and saliva to form a sticky substance called plaque. Plaque begins to get hard if it remains on the teeth and will turn into tartar or calculus if it is not removed. Bacteria in the plaque convert sugar from the foods you eat into acid. Cavities are caused when these acids and bacteria dissolve the tooth structure, causing holes – or cavities. If the tooth is not treated, the infection will spread, potentially causing loss of valuable tooth structure, and even possibly the entire tooth.

To reverse this problem, your dentist will diagnose the need for a filling. To create the filling, your dentist will first remove existing bacteria and decay from the tooth, and then fill the area with a composite material. Gentech Dentist does not use any amalgam in their offices, so your fillings are always mercury-free, tooth-colored composite fillings.

Fillings are an extremely common dental procedure, and are performed by our general dentists and specialists at all six of our dentist offices: Salmon Creek – Vancouver, WA, East Vancouver – Vancouver, WA, Macadam Avenue – Portland, OR, Clackamas, OR, Hillsboro, OR and Beaverton, OR.