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3 Things to Look for in a Family Dental Care Provider

Wednesday - 01.06.2016

There are many advantages to using a family dental care provider. It's convenient -- you can schedule appointments for the whole family on a single day, in a block, instead of driving everyone to separate appointments on different days. It can also result in better dental care. A dentist that's aware of your family history might be better able to spot problems your kids are likely to develop before they turn into major issues. But once you've decided that a family dental care provider is the right choice for your family, how do you choose the best provider? Here are some things that you should consider.

A Variety of Services

Make sure your dentist can provide all the services your family needs.

Your son needs braces, your daughter needs a cavity filled, your husband needs a root canal, and you want your teeth whitened. Can your dental provider handle that whole order? You lose a lot of the convenience of a family dental care provider when your dentist has to refer you to a different specialist for all of these different dental issues.

The solution is easy, though. Choose a dental office that can provide a wide variety of services. That way, you'll save time and receive services from a dentist that you already know and trust. This is especially important when you have children. Many children are afraid of the dentist at first, but regular visits to a good family dentist help to build trust. A child that is comfortable in their surroundings and who trusts the staff and dentists will be less likely to panic when they need a new dental procedure.

The Ability to Accommodate Special Requests

In addition to the ability to provide a variety of services, you need a dental care provider that can meet any special requests that your family has. A good way to ensure this is to choose a family dental office that uses the latest technology. Are you afraid of drills? You need a dentist that can provide air abrasion fillings. This is when the dentist uses an instrument that removes decay by blowing fine particles into the damaged area. This instrument is powered by compressed air or gas. This is a gentle, no-drill solution to cavities.

Do you have a serious dental phobia? Does someone in your family have a mental or physical disability that would cause them greater than normal anxiety or prevent them from being able to sit still through a dental procedure? In that case, you'll want a provider that offers sedation dentistry. For some patients, this is the only safe and comfortable way to ensure that needed dental work is done.

Whatever your family's special needs happen to be, make sure that the dentist you choose has the tools to accommodate them before you decide to make their office your regular dental practice.

A Welcoming Atmosphere

Good dental care experiences lead to a lifetime of good dental habits.

There is simply no substitute for feeling comfortable and safe in the dentist's office you choose. Look for a dental care provider that's willing to go the extra mile to make sure that you are comfortable there.

Ask for a tour of the dental office you're considering. A good provider will have no problem letting you get an inside look at the practice before they get an inside look at your mouth. Look for little touches that show you that good patient care is a top priority. Do they provide blankets if you're shivering in the dentist's chair? Headphones so that you can block out the sounds of dental work if you like? A cup of tea to soothe your nerves if you're feeling anxious?

Sure, you don't need these extra touches to get dental work done, but don't you think you deserve them? If so, make sure that you opt for a dental care provider that also believes that you deserve them.

If you give us the chance, you may find that Gentech is just the family dental care provider that you've been looking for. Contact us to find out more.

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