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Gentech now offering LANAP Perio Technique

Tuesday - 01.31.2012

I'm thrilled that Gentech is now able to offer the latest in the treatment of gum disease using the PerioLase laser and a treatment technique called LANAP (Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure). I believe this is the most exciting advancement to have ever occurred in the treatment of gum disease because clinical research shows it is capable of decreasing deep pockets and even growing bone in select sites, without the typical side effects of traditional gum surgery. This laser uses a specific wavelength which is selectively absorbed by inflamed gum tissues, allowing it to target only the diseased tissues while leaving healthy tissues intact. The result is a very precise surgical wound which allows for much less postoperative swelling, discomfort, and gum recession (longer appearing teeth due to root surfaces being exposed). This is often a more attractive treatment option for our patients because it provides a less invasive surgical option (no scalpel, no stitches) with a faster recovery time. If you are interested, contact your local Gentech Dentist office for more information.
Sarah Nguyen, DMD

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